Welcome to BeaconGov
Beacon Systems (BeaconGov) is a provider of strategic technology and business solutions to federal government entities alongside partners with strong federal, state and local backgrounds.

Senior Partners are military veterans who served our country with dignity and commitment. Our solid core staff and existing partnerships can readily access technical and support personnel nationwide.

BeaconGov is an 8(a)/SDB certified company that demonstrates the seasoned qualities of a larger company. Its management comprises of industry leaders with strong federal backgrounds who have demonstrated running successful companies and committed to outstanding results for our clients.

What makes us Different?
Our multi-discipline team of scientists, engineers and technicians provide solutions to sectors such as Healthcare, State and Aerospace in:

  • Enterprise Application Development,
  • Data Visualization,
  • System Integration, and
  • Cloud Based Solutions

  • We have successfully deployed these in several federal agencies such as ARMY, NASA, Postal Service, CDC, and USDA.